Overheard in Transit!

heard something crazy on the bus or skytrain? tell us about it!

Overheard in Transit
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Welcome to heardintransit!
This is a place for stories about what you hear/see/think on transit...
Anyone familiar with Translink knows that you can get some real weirdos sitting next to you... or someone might be having a conversation with the bus driver about how much child support he pays... true story.

No matter how weird, how vulgar, or even if you think it's funny just to you, post it!

- when you post, add a tag for where you were when you overheard what you heard. Something like "Skytrain" or "99 B-Line". If you happened to be waiting for a bus/Skytrain, just say "(bus #) bus stop" or "Burrard Station" or whatever.
- This community has moderated membership! Why? Because I'm new at this and I want to know who's joined, and because the subject matter could be slightly mature, I don't want no youngin's here! 16+ let's say. I remember having a foul mouth at 16, that should be good.
- If it's a long entry, lj-cut please!